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Whitepointer 263L, Survey Vessels, Commercial Fishing Boats

The highly dynamic 263L features state of the art production techniques like the use of High Tech glass in the floor and high stress areas which gives it extremely high structural integrity. This also not only acts to reduce weight but also eliminates the chance of rot caused by using the more traditional timber construction methods. The Whitepointer 263L has exceptional turning characteristics, visibility and manouverability in difficult conditions. Voted one of the best handling boats ever tested by John Willis of Trader Boat.

Production Manager Erick Hyland sees mainly professional fisherman and serious offshore recreational fishers as the target market for the vessel.

Other uses for the Whitepointer boats include:

  • Abalone Vessels
  • Recreational Boating
  • Dive Charters
  • High Speed Taxis
  • Commercial Fishing Boats

At a demo weekend in Eden during the spear-fishing competition the boat was put through its paces in a very heavy sea state and came out with an extremely favourable rap from all who drove it. Local Water Police, Fisheries and Abalone divers all agreed that the boat was outstanding.

The black boat featured is the "Black Beast" - the company demo boat. This particular boat has twin 250 hp Mercury Verados which push the boat along at 105kph.

The boats are rated to 700hp.

Whitepointer Marine's boat building premises is situated in the Cann River, Victoria.

For any details ragarding our very own White Pointer range or any general sales enquiries please call Whitepointer Marine on 0488 582 057.

Whitepointer Marine is dedicated to continually improve quality and technology.

Already hundreds of hours have been dedicated to Research and Development to ensure the vessels are built to the highest standards in the marine industry in Australia.

We have researched and developed a hard top version of our Whitepointer vessels which have an open or lockable cabin and should be very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and also extremely practical.

Specifications for Whitepointer 263L

  • Centre Length 8m
  • Maximum Beam 2.46m
  • Hull Dead Rise 23 Degress
  • Cockpit Area 9.0 Cubic Metres
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 500L
  • Hull Dry Weight (APprox) 1800kg
  • Outboard Power (Max) 700hp

Optional Extras

  • Two Tone Gelcoat
  • Hardtop Cabin
  • Long Range Fuel Tank Max 650Lt
  • 450Lt Kill Tank
  • Built to USL Code 2C or 3C Surveyey
  • Can be built to Single or Twin Outboard configurations
  • Lock up Cabin
  • Divedoor

Super Hornet

  • 4.9m, side console
  • hp rating 115hp
  • underfloor fuel tank 70L
  • front and rear casting decks

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